Some words about me

My story as a hairdresser

Since the beginning of my career I knew I wouldn’t have been just a simple hairstylist.

My passion for hair, lead me through different experimentations, studying many kind of new and old techniques from different countries; this refined my style to a cosmopolitan and fresh one, which intensifies female beauty, without changing it, but underlining every single woman style and culture.

Hairstyle, is a volume which needs to melt with your shape, harmonizing all your body, and gift the bride, the right royalty, queen on her Big Day.

The most common mistake , is to consider women only from the waist up, so to never take into account height, body shape, the wedding dress style, and how the bride wears it.

The artist has to consider the kind of hair and its color, the hairline and the density, besides the length and the haircut, to create the right style for every single person.

Today I’m a high-achieving professional in bridal hairstyle and I want to introduce myself through images, to help my Art getting known.

The cooperation with events agencies, signs a crucial moment, it allowed me to work with different brides from all around the world, with different culture, religions and different kind of hair. Since the beginning of this experience, I opened my mind, and since then I keep studying and experimenting bridal look, who come from all around the world, to live their big day in our Bel Paese.

Along the years I developed my own personal Modus Operandi, becoming an artisan, artist and an image consultant to my brides.

The bride is the queen of the party, the queen of her big day, and a queen must be amazingly beautiful on such a special day, to her and her beloved.

Hairstyle, with its garments, has always been a communication tool: along centuries, amongst cultures, has always been essential to show social status, power, all the way to moral level.

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Language of hairstyle, tells the story of the women who wears it: together with makeup, has the rule to make the bride feel, beautifully herself. That is why the person who takes care of the bride , must understand the bride herself, her tastes, her expectations and her history, to create a real elegant image, in which the bride can recognize herself and lives deep and undeletable emotions, forgetting distractions and uneasiness.